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What I am offering:

I can remove the activation lock from any iOS 7 or greater device. Found an iPad or iPhone? Can't activate it? I can help.
I work for Apple and in my time there I have gained access to tools that allow me to remove the lock. I usually purchase locked devices on eBay, remove the activation lock and resell. This however is becoming a pain to purchase and resell, hence why I am here.


The easy answer is I like my job and want to keep it. Removing the Activation lock is complex and steps have to be followed as to not rasie suspicions.

Short answer is I don't know. There are a lot of steps in the process. I won't get into too much detail but the account needs to be tracked down, requests need to be made and documents need to be created and submitted.

Yes, but please be aware that they may only be processed 2 at a time. This is to avoid suspicion and ensure they all go through correctly. If you are ordering multiple removals, please rank them in the prefrence you would like them unlocked.

Please reach out to me at   and I will try and respond t o you within 24 hours.